Pipeline Management Consulting

Realise greater future potential.


Helping provide you with insights into the future

We have extensive expertise in working with our clients to extract greater value from portfolio and asset management. Our systems have been designed to help even the most complex organisations deal rapidly with massive volumes and varieties of data. We can help you visualise your data to obtain insights into how to improve the performance of your portfolio.

Our consulting team can provide the expertise, know-how and methodology to successfully embed our system in your workflow so that it rapidly delivers insights and efficiencies.

We will help you embrace uncertainty and complexity to determine how effectively strategy and tactical decisions impact on future outcomes.


We're here to support you

Our consultants will work with you to identify the success factors that are critical to your strategic planning process and help build a framework to monitor and analysis business-critical data.

Once you are up and running, we provide support at all levels to ensure that staff become confident and proficient in using our system and enable them to embrace change and increase efficiency.

Our consultants bring with them invaluable experience and insights from a wide range of industries to help guide you in implementing transformational change across the business.


Pipeline management consulting benefits



Our consultants are here to support you in navigating the shortest path to success.  We will help you see the future as you have never seen it before.


Maximise your data

Our consultants are able to help you understand and navigate complex data, helping you gain critical insights and developing effective strategies in response.


Learn & adapt

We will show you how you can use the insights from your business to adapt your strategies and improve your operations to more effectively manage risk and complexity .



Our team will work closely with your staff in their own environment, supporting them through the process of learning and of embedding our systems.

Whenever we are audited for R&D Tax they can’t believe how far ahead of every other customer we are because of IMAP’s support and system.
— Gary Power, Innovia Security