Our software solution gives you confidence in decision making by giving you control of the present and insight into the future.


Columbus reached the New World using just a compass and the stars. But where you're going, you'll need much more than that.

Controlling the future starts with better understanding the impact of the decisions we make today. That's why we have developed our portfolio management solution to help your team apply best-practice project management and planning principles.  To allow you to make better, more informed decisions and be more confident of the outcomes in even the most complex of environments.

Regardless of whether you're trying to manage and implement innovation projects or ensure compliance within your business operations or better manage complex assets, we can offer more predictable growth, better risk management and a less uncertain path forward.

It's the future like you've never seen it before.



Customised solutions for every business.


Strategic portfolio management

Embrace uncertainty and complexity.  Gain insights and visibility with a framework that supports flexibility.  Zume is the future of strategic portfolio management.



Our consultants are experienced in helping small and large organisations embed our innovative systems for faster traction and effective use.



See the future in a way that it's never been seen before.

See beyond.

Effective change management is the key to success in business.    


Better management of complexity

Our portfolio management solution helps you effectively plan for the future by mapping out which paths are best to avoid risk and offer the most benefits, giving more confidence of the outcomes in even the most complex or risky of environments. 


Faster decision making

Our system makes it easy for quality decision-making to be done quickly. This gives each business the understanding of how to align resources to best meet its strategic objectives, stabilise operational paths, and get new improvements in the most efficient way possible.


Visual and instinctive to give greater insight

Complex data and processes become meaningful when shown in a visual way, which can be easily explored as the situation changes. Your stakeholders can quickly identify trends and optimal pathways to help them manage where they’ll end up.


Flexible and responsive for all users

Our system is designed by users, for users. Dynamic, customisable configurations can be shaped to fit the way your teams work and make it simple to access the right information, all the way up to board level.

Working with IMAP Systems™ has changed the way our organisation functions. Their support has been fundamental in creating sustained change and growth for our business.


Our tried and tested approach.

No matter the outcomes you're seeking, our approach to portfolio management makes business-wide decision-making easier through a simple, replicable and manageable process:


Who we work with

Together, we're creating the future.

We’ve worked on projects for companies across multiple industries.